Freeset – Donkey Milk Skin Gel Mask Pack – HEALING

Sometimes even bad skin days do have a good side:
I FINALLY get to use one of my new Freeset Donkey Milk Masks to test its healing properties and to see for myself if it lives up to all the raving reviews!


Now you might ask, DONKEY MILK?! But Why?!
Well, as it turns out that due to its rich composition, it is an excellent moisturizer, its essential fatty acids contains anti-ageing, regenerative and healing properties and it also helps in soothing troubled skin! Perfect for my current angry crazy hormonal skin!

As if this wouldn’t be enough, look at the PACKAGING!!

Hello, Rainbow sparkly goodness!! The packaging is gorgeous, I could stare at the rainbow forever, but let’s also have a look at inner values:


The ingredient list sounds very good to me and comes up pretty clean on Cosdna, too.
Among the ingredients there are a lot of botanical extracts that are said to have soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties: licorice root extract, witch hazel, lavender, rosemary, peppermint and lime.
What am I waiting for! GET ON MY FACE!!!


The mask is made from a perforated cotton sheet that is soaked in thick, non drippy clear serum and comes folded on a little plastic sheet. When I was wondering why the mask was not a gel mask as advertised, I found out, that if you place the mask in the fridge, the serum solidifies into gel.
I will definitely try this the next time to intensify the slight cooling effect I felt when I placed the mask on my face (probably peppermint is one of the ingredients responsible for the cooling sensation).

There is a faint herbaly scent that I found very pleasant that evaporated after a few minutes.


I really liked the fit of the mask, maybe a tiny bit short on the sides of my face, but other that that very comfy to wear. Easy to put on, but quite slippery since it’s so full of serum, which annoyingly causes it to slide down a bit during wear, if you run around trying to get things done!
Either be prepared to sit down or wear a silicon mask cover for ultimate mask security while doing your thing 🙂


The packaging recommends to wear the mask for 15-20 min, but being full with good serum, such a short time would be a total waste, so I wore it for about 45 min until I a) got really hungry b) felt some parts of the mask becoming quite dry.

After taking it off and patting in the rest of the serum, my skin felt really plump and hydrated. It also most definitely evened out some of the red blotchiness in my cheeks and calmed inflamed and swollen red pimples.


RATING: 9 / 10 

One of my favorites mask so far and absolutely worth every penny, I will make this a staple in my collection and definitely repurchase!
Available on for 1.99$ each ❤

  • packaging 10 (rainbooooow!)
  • ingredients 9
  • effect 9
  • fit & application 8



P.S.: Who else always gets hungry while masking?! 





Hello, I’m back and a little rant!

Hello everyone!
Long time no masking 😦 

I’m sorry for not letting you know what was happening, but there were so many things to keep track on the last months that I just didn’t get around posting.
I got a new job in addition to finishing my studies at Uni, I then went to Thailand to travel for 1 month, which was just incredible, and then … there’s the case of ‘my skin’.

Being incredibly frustrated, I really wasn’t in the mood to show you my face or post about new products.
Since I stopped hormonal birth control about 5/6 months ago my skin IS FREAKING OUT. 

I never had any pimples, acne, or any serious problem, but for the last months I’m dreading looking into the mirror every morning.


Pimples, closed comedones, angry red patches and inflammation on my forehead  and around my mouth and chin every day.
Not having to deal with any of these issues for the past 29 years makes me feel really self aware and sad, because I can’t do anything about it.

After researching the topic a little more, talking to many friends and strangers on the internet I was told this condition could last up to two years.
Needless to say I am not thrilled.


But oh well, …
I now decided to make the best of it and try to fight my annoying hormonal skin with some new products, to see if I can at least make it a bit better!

I got so many new things to try that I was wondering if you were interested in some non-sheet mask posts like the one about the Skinfood Cleaning Oil as well?!


Currently trying to figure out how best to organize my sheet mask collection…


Anyways, I hope you are all doing well and are enjoying the wonderful spring time!
Weather here in Berlin is just like my skin, freaking out, jumping from “really rainy and cold” to “IT’S SUMMER BITCH”, so I’m doing my best do keep up ^_^

Happy masking and see you soon!!





Klairs – Rich Moist Soothing Sheet Mask

Back out of hiding!


Last week has been crazy, hence the lack of posts (sorry), but that doesn’t mean that I haven’t been sheetfaced at all!
To me, taking the time to put on a mask is my way of giving myself a little time out: sitting down, reading a magazine or a book, listening to a podcast (preferably the Snailcast, of course) or just taking a little power nap.

Between organizing Uni class work, having several important appointments, nursing our sick bunny rabbit and Super Bowl Party Prep I needed something to sooth my poor face.

High time to try out one of my Soothing Masks by Klairs, that I got with my recent Wishtrend haul!


Since I stopped taking one of my long time medications, my skin has been acting up a little: a pimple here and there, redness and some purging from OST 20 on my cheeks.


On Wishtrend this mask has quite a detailed description with 3 key points that sound really good to me:

  • special formulation for maximum hydration (apparently this product contains half a bottle of soothing essence!)
  • no stickiness and fast absorption without irritation – perfect for sensitive skin!
  • eco-friendly – made with 100% cotton sheet, no alcohol, no paraben, no artificial coloring and no animal testing!


The ingredient list sounds good but basic, with next to no acne triggers and only one preservative as you can see on Cosdna.

All in all, not only does this mask sound very promising, it has also been a favorite of many bloggers with lots of positively raving reviews, … so .. GET ON MY FACE!!!!



The mask is made of a thick cotton sheet. To me, it is the tickest that I have used so far, but by no means unpleasant. The sheet feels very soft an nice and is very well soaked with essence, but not drippy! There is a very faint slightly clean and floral scent, which isn’t noticeable anymore after a few minutes of wear.

Two incisions on the sides made the mask fit my face nicely and finally a mask, that isn’t way too long for my face! Bonus: comes with eye flaps, that I chose not to close, since I was reading a book while masking, but if you feel like it, you could close the flaps for super relaxation mode and take a little nap while enjoying the benefits of this mask on the whole eye area!


It is recommended to leave the mask on about 15-20 minutes, but I usually like to leave it on as long as it feels nice and damp. This one wore for about 25 minutes before it felt rather dry on the nose and forehead.
After taking the mask off, my face felt a little sticky, but upon patting and massaging the leftover essence in, there was barely any sticky feeling left, yay!!

My face felt well hydrated and plump, redness in my cheeks was reduced as well, but still uneven skin tone and fine lines around my eye area though.


Rating: 8.5/10

With this mask, you definitely get a good bang for your buck and I’ll definitely repurchase when I’m out!

Available on Wishtrend, 10+1 sheets for 11.50$

  • packaging 10 (love this clean nice, velvety matte packaging!)
  • ingredients 8
  • effect 8
  • fit & application 8






Skinfood – Black Sugar Cleansing Oil and why Double Cleansing is Bae


This is one of the sentences haunting my childhood memories. Washing my face, pfff… why should I even?

Growing up, I never had any really issues with my skin except a very seldom pimple here or there. Sure, there are things, that I certainly do not like about my my face/skin, for example sometimes clearly visible capillaries in my cheeks, uneven skintone and occasional blackheads in the nose area. Still, I never bothered to get a real face wash – after taking off my eye makeup, hand soap would do the trick just fine!

I know, you will now most probably sit in front of your computer horrified, clutching your mug of tea, whispering “no no no no nooooo“!! And from where I stand now, I can just agree with that, because using hand soap for the face is a really stupid idea.

Asian Skincare has totally changed my cleansing game! Double cleansing, hell yeah!!
I actually even triple cleans, if you count an eye make up remover before that, but more about that later!


For morning time, I only use the COSRX Low pH Good Morning Cleanser, for the evenings I start out by taking off my eye makeup with Micellar Cleansing Water by Garnier, followed by Skinfood Black Sugar Cleaning Oil and finally a cheap but eaily accessible mild Foam Cleanser from German Drugstore brand Rossmann.

Before I review the cleansing oil, let me explain real quick why double cleaning is a very important step in an asian skincare routine and definitely benefits your skin!

  • double cleansing softens the skin, so that products you use later can sink into the skin easier, especially active ingredients and anti aging products are proven to work better this way
  • makeup and sunscreen are designed to cling to the face and need to be taken off first to get to the actual surface of the skin
  • first cleanse removes most of the makeup, bacteria, and grime, the second step then deep cleanses and removes residue from first cleanser

But now to the actual cleanisng oil by Skinfood, which I am using as a second step in my evening routine. I usually like to take off my eye makeup with Micellar Water first, because with all the liner (also on my waterline), I don’t want to get oil in my eyes.


The cleansing oil has a very nice citrusy smell that reminds me of lemon drops candy.
I have to mention that this is my first oil cleanser ever, so I don’t have another product to compare it to yet (because the Tony Moly Peach Cleansing Balm that I ordered ages ago from Ebay is still on its way).
The texture is (of course) oily, but it feels very nice and silky on the face.


The Test


I wanted to show how well the oil takes off all sorts of makeup, so I made a little painting on the back of my hand, using some of my favorite makeup items:

  • Makeupgeek Eyeshadow
  • regular khol kajal eyeliner (waterproof)
  • Kat von D Tattoo Liner (waterproof)
  • NYX Lipstick
  • Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip (so hard to get off!!!)
  • Mascara (the big black blob)
  • Missha BB Cream and Maybelline Fit me Concealer
  • two more waterproof liquid eyeliner pens



In my routine, after letting the oil sit on my skin for 1-2 minutes I gently massage the face with my fingers to get off sunscreen and makeup.  After about one minute of massaging I rinse it off under warm water.
Here I only waited about 30 seconds before massaging the oil into the skin. As you can see, the Kat von D Eyeliner is very hard to get off.




When the oil gets in contact with water it emulsifies and gets milky, taking off the all particles of makeup and dirt.


The result is actually pretty impressive for a quick oil cleanse!
There are only two tiny places where the cleanser did not pick up all the Makeup, some waterproof liquid liner on the top right of my hand and some stains of the bright red Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip on the bottom.


I particularly like that after using the oil my skin feels incredibly baby soft and there is no oily film on the skin (which to me is really important because I don’t like stickiness on my face). But since I’m all about the double cleansing anyways, I use a very mild and gentle foam cleanser right after to make sure my skin is clean (sadly it’s not an Asian brand but a German Drugstore brand that is cheap but works really well).

The first time I used the Skinfood Black Sugar Cleansing Oil I was totally stunned and confused – I touched my face and it felt like heavenly silky smooth clouds! I couldn’t believe it and let my boyfriend touch my face, too, so we both sat there in awe admiring the softness that was my face. Like the softest baby butt. Really!!


If I could pick the top 3 things that made the biggest difference in my new Asian skincare routine after switching from western (erm.. hand soap) routine, using an oil cleanser in the double cleaning step is definitely one of them!

Overall I cannot recommend enough to double cleanse in the evening, but also in particular the Skinfood Black Sugar Cleansing Oil, which works well and is great value for the price!
When I tried to figure out which oil cleanser to choose, I also read that many users of the Asian Beauty Reddit forum really liked this one and it even has a Holy Grail Status to many people!

Rating: 8.7 / 10

Available on Ebay for about 13-16$
(EDIT: Skinfood Renamed this Oil into Black Sugar Perfect Cleansing Oil, the formula should be the same!)

  • packaging 9
  • ingredients 8
  • effect 9
  • application 9


I hope this was helpful, even though I can never manage to write a SHORT review, haha…
More reviews of products I use in my routines to come soon!



My Beauty Diary – Royal Jelly Mask

I’m obsessed.

I don’t know what it is about HONEY and bee related products, that makes products including honey, bee venom, royal jelly or propolis feel so luxurious to me. Some people definitely hate it (including my Mom), but the smell of honey to me is relaxing, soothing and somehow makes me happy.
Also honey and propolis have lots of benefits in skincare:

  • anti bacterial, so it is great for acne treatment and prevention
  • promotes wound healing
  • full of antioxidants, a good anti aging treatment
  • soothing and moisturizing, to help to boost your complexion and create a glow
  • clarifying, to help keep pores clean

Todays mask pick is from a Taiwanese brand, that is widely hyped around the Asian Beauty Reddit Forum, called My Beauty Diary.
Something special about Taiwanese Masks is apparently, that the sheet is very thin and often made from silk (please correct me if I’m wrong).

mdb honey2

At first I worried about the weirdly pixelated picture of the honeycomb on the mask because I read a lot about fake MDB masks, but for this particular mask, the pixelation is original and normal.

Here are the ingredients:

mdb honey1

Looking at the ingredients, Royal Jelly Extract is pretty high in the ingredient list, also Hyaluronic Acid and some other good moisturizing agents. Running the ingredients through COSDNA, only two very mild acne triggers are to be found, so I figured I would be safe.


When you take out the mask, you will notice, that it s attached to a thin plastic film, that prevents the thin fabric from stretching and ripping.

mdb honey7

mdb honey6

When I took the mask off it’s protective film I already noticed how soaked in essence it was. drip drippedy drip
There was a bit of essence left in the package, which I used on my arms because I hate to waste all the goodness. The mask smells faintly sweet. I couldn’t pinpoint it to be a honey smell, but definitely something quite like it!

I rather like the fit of this mask, it’s very thin and adjusts well to my face. On the sides, there are several incisions, to make the mask fit on various face shapes. For me, it was a tad too big, but with overlapping the incisions it worked well.

I love the smaller eye and mouth holes and the longer nose flap!!
Usually half of my nose and lots of skin around my eyes and mouth isn’t covered.

Even though the mask was dripping from my chin the initial 10 minutes of wear, it dried down pretty quickly.
I usually like to wear my masks really long, up to an hour if the masks is still wet enough, but the Royal Jelly Masks felt dry around the edges and my nose after about 25-30minutes.

mdb honey3

Upon taking off the mask, my skin felt very well hydrated, looked smooth and I would even say my skin tone was a bit more even with less redness in the cheeks.
Also, I liked how plump my under eye area looked.
Rating: 8.2 / 10

  • packaging 9
  • ingredients 8
  • effect 8
  • fit & application 8


Available on eBay, I bought my masks from seller LadyPapa for about 1.35€ / 1.45$ per piece.

IMG_2398 – They see me hauling’, the hatin’

Just as any hobby, Asian Beauty makes me want to collect all the beautiful things!
I wish I could just go on a crazy sheet mask spree sometimes, because there are way to many brands with incredibly beautiful packaging and great products out there.

  • being a broke university students doesn’t make this so easy
  • living in Germany makes it hard to shop from many of the US and Canadian Shops that have a wonderful selection of masks available

This is why I sometimes use a shipping forwarding company (shipito) to haul from shops that do not deliver to Germany.

Ever since I fell in love with the Taiwanese brand L’Herboflore I wanted to get some of their masks to try, and finally, I found the canadian Shop Chuusi selling them. Of course, only shipping to Canada or the USA, but do not fret – SHIPITO saved me 🙂



The shop has a great selection of masks and other products, but as I was mostly interested in Taiwanese masks I mostly ordered L’Herboflore and a few Lovemore masks to try:

From L’Herboflore:

  • Aegean Sea – Chlorella Anti-Oxidant Firming Mask
  • Aegean Sea – Black Pearl Whitening Mask
  • Garden of Venus – Apple C Whitening Hydromask 2x
  • Garden of Venus – Grape Anti Agin Hydromask
  • Garden of Venus -Pear Nourishing Hydromask 2x
  • Garden of Venus – Rose Water Refining Hydromask
  • Garden of Venus – Camellia Nourishing Hydromask
  • Oriental Herb – Soy Milk Hydrating Mask
  • Oriental Herb – Ginseng Anti Aging Mask



From Lovemore:

  • Black Pearls True White Mask Sheet
  • Loofah & Aloe Vera Hydrating Mask Sheet
  • Rhodiola Antioxidant & Brightening Mask Sheet


  • Etude House Collagen Eye Patch
  • COSRX Apple Zone Power Patch


Lots of AB products that you can get outside of Korea/Asia are batshit crazy expensive, but I found the prices for sheet Masks on Chuusi quite okay, 1.95€/2.10USD for one L’Herboflore Masks sounds really reasonable for me!

Shipping was fast and there also were some goodies!
I most definitely can recommend this shop if you are living in the USA/Canada or if you life anywhere else and are willing to go through the hassle of a shipping forwarding company!

Do you have any shopping recommendations outside of Asia for me?!

lherboflore 1

It’s Skin – The Fresh Mask Sheet Blueberry

Masking to me has something calming and relaxing but I also love to mask while I am working on my computer, so it feels like I’m using my time double efficient 🙂

When I couldn’t really decide on a sheet mask to wear today, I had a look through my stash and found two It’s Skin – Blueberry Masks that I got from my last RoseRoseShop order.
I got them at a time when I didn’t really pay much attention to ingredient lists (I know, it’s stupid) but I read so much about antioxidant effects of berries and blueberries are just awesome – so of course I got two!

its skin - blueberry3

After having a closer look at the ingredients, I realized this mask has alcohol quite high up in the list. My face can handle alcohol, but whenever I buy new masks I try to avoid alcohol.
So before you purchase please make sure you are not allergic to any ingredients.
Otherwise there aren’t any noteworthy ingredients to point out.

its skin -blueberry2

There’s not only blueberry, but also strawberry and raspberry extract, and that’s exactley what this masks smells like: fruity and very much like blueberries.

Upon taking the mask out I noticed how saturated with essence it was. Dripping wet, there was even quite a lot of essence left in the package!

its skin - blueberry

The sheet has a strange fit for my face,because the forehead part was way to long, but the chin part was too short. Also giant nose flap!
I really liked the incisions on the side of the mask though, which make it a lot easier to make a too big mask fit your face. By overlapping the mask on the sides of my face it fit me okay.


After 30 minutes of wear it started to come off at the edges so I took it off. My skin felt well moisturized, soft and not sticky but no difference in redness or skin tone.

RATING: 7.5 / 10 

Available on at RoseRoseShop  for 0.70$ per mask 

  • packaging 10
  • ingredients 6
  • effect 7
  • fit & application 7